A Kenyan woman has narrated how sexual abuse led to her being addicted to s@x. So strong is the urge to fornicate that she at times uses innate objects like a pillow.

Speaking about her experience *Grace* says at age 6, my parents left to the UK to search for greener pasture.

“My siblings and I were staying with my aunt who had a boyfriend. He was probably over 40. It all started when he started using his toes to finger me. I was about 8 then. One time at night, he came in when my aunties went for the vigil. He then anally raped me.”

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Grace adds,

That didn’t stop there, he continued using his toes to finger and raped me several times.

Sometimes, he would tell me to rub my privates on the side of the bed. 

I felt trapped and couldn’t speak out. He was really abusive to my aunt so I was also scared to speak up.

Grace adds that due to the constant abuse she somehow became used to it.

At age 12, I got so used to sex and I was lesbian. At age 14, one of my parents came back and she got someone she trusted very well to drive me to school everyday.

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Every time during the drive, he always abused me. But, I didn’t feel hurt cause I was used to sexual activities. 

Even though I didn’t like it, it felt like I enjoyed it cause I was used to it. When I got into the university, I stayed with that same person.

Upon informing her aunt she concluded that Grace was trying to break up her home and that broke her heart.

Even though he was married, he still came to abuse me.

I told his wife but she felt I was trying to destroy her home. So if she didn’t believe me, who would?


Since then, I’ve hated myself and always felt it was my fault. I feel so addicted to s@x that if I don’t have sex often, I even do it with a pillow, that’s how bad it is. Please help on how to overcome this.

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