Willy Paul’s female companion Susan Mwaniki has accused the gospel artiste of assaulting her and causing her serious injuries in May this year.

So serious was the fight that Willy Paul allegedly strangled, threatened her with a knife and threatened to shoot her.

In addition, he even boiled water in a sufuria and threatened to scald her with it. The fight was in his Syokimau house.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Mpasho, Susan revealed,

He is not a joker when he says something he does it so I was very afraid when he threatened me with the gun and hot water.

I reported the assault to the police because I wanted the government to know that I was threatened and my life was in danger.

Susan Mwaniki’s injuries documented after the assault with gospel star Willy Paul

After beating me he went out for two hours and acted like nothing happened when he came back into the house.

I did not go home I stayed there for four days before I went home to Thika.

I stayed because I thought he would change but every other day I hear him threatening and treating people the way he wants.

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Reaching out to Mpasho, Susan shared screenshots of her injuries narrating how her nightmare began.

So this artist and I have been in a so called relationship for the past one year. I can’t say its been a good one but I just held on hoping that one day he was gonna change.

He is everything you hear about him, violent, disrespectful and above all foolish.

There is nothing I never did for this man even lending him a little loan when in need. and putting up with his insults and mad behavior but in early may he went overboard.

Susan added that at some point Willy Paul got mad over the fact that she was talking to his friend on the phone.

There is a time he blocked me and I was anxious to know how he was doing. I contacted one of his friends by the name Kelvin and we talked but absolutely nothing was going on.

So on that night of early May was in a Tuesday he took my phone and was mad that I was still talking to his friend and went crazy…

Susan added that Willy Paul even threatened to shoot her.

He threatened to shoot me and kept beating me up, he even boiled water to burn me and also threatened me with a knife it was a horrible night for me.

He kept saying he was going to kill me and said that was not his first time to do so…

Even after knowing I’m asthmatic he still strangled me almost leaving me for dead It’s like he’s proud of what he did that’s why I want to teach him a lesson.

Upon being reached out for help Willy Paul is alleged to have refused to offer any financial assistance to Susan who was to undergo a scan.

Susan Mwaniki chatting with Mpasho about Willy Paul

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Below are the screenshots from the scan, OB and private conversations with Willy Paul.


Susan Mwaniki showing the injuries inflicted by Willy Paul
Susan Mwaniki chatting with Mpasho about Willy Paul



Susan Mwaniki chatting with Mpasho about Willy Paul, shares the OB number
Susan Mwaniki chatting with Willy Paul about her injuries incurred from the deadly assault

Below is the screenshot of the loan Susan sent Willy Paul




Numerous calls to Willy Paul to get his side of his story went unanswered. We sent him a whatsapp and he blue ticked us.

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