Size 8 Gift Born

A while back, Size 8 revealed that one point, her late mum wanted to abort her.

The reason for this decision is that the late mother was going through a rough patch with her dad and was not sure she could properly provide for her newborn child.

Size 8 revealed,

“My mother went to the hospital and luckily she met a doctor who told her of the consequences of abortion. The doctor told her that she would die if she went ahead to abort me and looking at the fact that she had other 5 children she decided not to do it.”

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Size 8 continued, “She told the doctor that better she stays alive so that she can take care of my other siblings at home.”

“On her death bed before she left us my mom confessed to me that she wanted to let me go before I was born. She looked back and couldn’t imagine that the same baby that she wanted to remove from her womb was the same one who was paying her hospital bills.”

It is for that reason that she related on a deep level with a fellow artiste, Gift Born, who had a similar story.

Gift-BornThrough her twitter, Size 8 shared an inspiring story of a fast-rising gospel artiste Gift Born.

“Following pressure from her family, she unsuccessfully tried aborting me thrice until a doctor warned her that getting rid of me could kill her,” Size 8 quoted Gift Born in her tweet.

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Gift-BornAccording to the narration, Gift Born’s father neglected him while at an early age.

“My father would be gone for an entire week, leaving me with nothing to eat. I used to survive solely on mangoes.” Size 8 shared Gift Born’s story.

Size 8 then pointed out that “What a story by @Giftbornmusic! Inspire someone by your story. Defying all odds to put good music out with the likes of Daddy Owen.”

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