Mwalimu Rachel

An upcoming artiste has accused Mwalimu Rachel of assaulting him. The young lad, who’s Peter aka Miracle Baby’s [of Sailors crew] best friend reported the matter at Kinoo police station.

I took him to hospital where he was treated and later got a P3 from the police which was signed by the doctor, who treated him. We later recorded a statement at Kinoo police post and she is yet to go to the police,” the artiste’s guardian Shadii Gachii told Mpasho.

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The artiste’s guardian told that the NRG presenter beat up Miracle Baby’s friend and even squeezed his balls.

The lad is traumatised after Mwalimu Rachel, her lover and other accomplices [heavy built men] squeezed his balls. They also pulled two long locks of his dreads out and really beat him up. He still has a black eye.

Miracle Baby's friend
Miracle Baby’s friend who was assaulted by Mwalimu Rachel

According to another witness, who was at the scene when the artiste was being beaten, he said,

Miracle Baby and the artiste (one who was assaulted) grew up together and went to same school and are BFFs. On that fateful Friday, they went to a funeral in Ndenderu and he decided to drop Miracle Baby at his home in Kinoo. By the time they got to the apartment where Sailors live, they found Mwalimu Rachel and a man he kept calling ‘babe’ in the parking lot.

He explained how the media personality told Miracle Baby to go inside the house and they remained in the parking lot with the other artiste and started insulting him.

He accused him of ‘taking Miracle Baby away’, claiming they had lost a 10 million deal because he wasn’t around.

He narrated how Mwalimu Rachel and her accomplices dragged Peter’s friend on the ground and pressed his balls hard. They even made fun of him in his pain.

They went ahead to tie his hands with wire, put him in the boot of the car he was driving. ‘Tunaweza kukufanyia ile Babu Owino alifanyia DJ Evolve na hakuna kitu utafanya. Sisi ni askari wa Kilimani.’ one of them said.

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The witness added,

Mwalimu Rachel kept going to the house and coming back grabbing Peter’s friend’s balls and telling him ‘hii yako tutaivuta’. has the OB number and P3 form.

Mwalimu Rachel Mwalimu Rachel

Mpasho reached out to Mwalimu Rachel for a comment but as soon as we posed the questions, she hangs up. We sent her a text via WhatsApp but she didn’t respond after reading it.

Alitu blue tick tuu. Below is the screenshot.

Mwalimu Rachel

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The assaulted artiste is currently undergoing counselling because he is traumatised and demoralised after the incident.

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