Dreamland CEO Dr. Eddie recently explained why he is not letting go of Otile Brown while responding to a fan who had asked him to allow the musician to spread his wings .

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For some days now, the producer and the “Alivyonipenda” hitmaker have been embroiled in a bitter tussle that is likely to get out of hand if an amicable solution is not found soon.

It all started when the singer announced his exit from the record label that cut his teeth through his social media pages.

Otile asked anyone who was looking to work with him to get in touch with him directly and neither Dr Eddie nor Dreamland Music Entertainment.

He thanked his fans for their immense support saying adding that they should find him on his new YouTube channel ” Official Otile Brown.”

This is what he posted:

Attention!! Would like to take this special opportunity to Inform you ,my beloved Friends ,Family , fans and most importantly Promoters and event organisers that i am No longer working or in any other partinership with DREAMLAND MUSIC owned by DR.EDDIE …In case of any business deals that involves me (under the mentioned manargement )kindly be informed that I won't be involved nor partake. Kindly recheck my new contact details on my social medias bio. To my valued loyal fans, you can now find me on my new youtube chanelle "official Otile Brown" ; following the link on my bio and kindly subscribe. New and good music coming your way anytime. Last but not least ,I'm truly humbled by your emmese love and support .It's my promise to you that I won't let you down. your bwoy gat you ???????? ????

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Soon after that, the aforementioned record label put up a post on its social media accounts warning Otile Brown against using any songs that he recorded with them for any purpose.

Dreamland said it entered into a contract with him “to protect its business interests and his and ensured that it made all arrangements to make him comfortable.”

However, it says, Otile Brown decided to walk out of a “mutual and active contract without notice.”

As such, the Dreamland has ordered him not to use the music he produced in their studios in performances or business purposes because the contract he signed prohibits it.

Yesterday, Otile Brown threatened to seek legal redress and accused the producer of  many things including taking down his music from YouTube as a way of blackmailing him.

The singer took to social media to express gratitude to his the record label while rubbishing claims that it owns him on a 100% basis.

Otile Brown also said that the two of them should sit down because he “really wants to put the matter to rest so that I can concentrate on my music.”

Good Morning Kindly allow this to be the last post I am making in regards to my situation with Dream Land Music, as the matter is being handled by my lawyer. I did not want to tackle our issues on these platforms but I have tried by all means to have a dialogue with Dr. Eddie and solve our matters in a decent way but my efforts have proved futile, despite intervention by our close business associates and even respectful artistes. I acknowledge the fact that Dr Eddie nurtured my talent and I appreciate his efforts in my music career so far. I handed my termination notice through my lawyer in good time and this is because there was breach of contract from the management side hence my decision to leave. If the deal and treatment was good and all satisfactory I would not have left nor have the thoughts of leaving. I believe if Dream Land Music have a problem with my departure they should follow the right channels so that we can sort out this matter or we just have a decent sit down and iron out our issues, but not taking down my music from YouTube as a way of frustrating and blackmailing me. Dream Land Music never owned me on 100% basis and hence has no right to stop me from performing the music or even interfering with my work as this is my intellectual property. I really want to put this matter to rest so that I can concentrate on my music. I have since then opened a new YouTube channel “Official Otile Brown” and I am planning to pick up the pieces and move on. Kindly follow the link on my Bio to subscribe. New Music Coming soon. @mpashonews

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And now, in what would seem like a rejoinder, Dr Eddie has fired back at Otile claiming that he owes him millions and the only way he is releasing him is if he pays his debts.

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