A city woman has exposed her boyfriend’s weird fetish.

According to the lady, her boyfriend likes using a dildo and enjoys being fingered.

‘During s*x, I suck my boyfriend’s nipples. He moans so loud and enjoys it.  he always asks me to finger a**s.  He likes it when I give him a hand job more than s*x. He bought me a dildo and uses it most of the times. He cums a lot when using a dildo. I’m really confused. We have s*x but he likes a**l a lot,’ she posted.

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Reactions include;

kamauwakamaru That man is gay period!

amiee_baby He is preventing future postulate cancer. men suffer from it as they ages..so be kinda happy that your man will be free from postulate cancer

itisugochukwu A lot of guys are too adventurous in the bedroom lately, he might not necessarily be gay, he may just be exploring

femi_da_ceo he is a bisexual gay man..

posho_b It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gay

mz_vugo He is having fun, please you people should leave me alone😁

delilah_xvi He may just have fantasies weird pleasures, honestly I see nothing wrong.

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neemahtt Uncle GAYbriel in the building 😂😂😂

mhizjulley He is bisexual 🙌..he likes both men and women

caramelbaby A lot of men have their g spot located right behind their prostate which is why they enjoy anal stimulation doesn’t make them gay

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