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Inooro TV news anchor Muthoni Mukiri has confessed that she was bullied in high school. Her admission comes at a time where bullying is on the rise.

Speaking about it Muthoni admits that she decided to turn the lemons that life threw at her and make sweet lemonade.

I was bullied coz I have a pointed nose. Imagine! I hated my nose until after Highschool when I realized it’s beautiful and I came to love it. I think it’s the most beautiful feature on my face.

Muthoni Wa Mukiri
Inooro TV presenter Muthoni Wa Mukiri

Here are confessions from Kenyans who have suffered bullying first hand or who have had relatives, neighbours or friends bullied.

‘My heart broke,’ cried Kambua over assault of Nairobi School student

One parent narrates,

Last week my cousin was admitted at Mathare Mental Hospital. He has severe psychiatric issues. He is a University student but also a patient. An alumnus of Nairobi School. He was the best pupil in KCPE in his home district at his time. He was sponsored by wings to fly program under Equity Bank.

Towards the last years of high school he started writing letters to himself saying he was ugly and he needed to end his life. With counseling here and there he cleared secondary school and even qualified for university education. He however was a different person from the old charming cousin with lots of potential. He even dropped out of Equity program. Now he’s receiving treatment at Mathare.

Another parent narrates that her son went through the same experience adding that he is now recovered.

My son went through a similar case like this in dagoretti high school. he refused school and I had to transfer him. he is now in a very remote school but doing very well academically and socially too.

Just when you think you are done reading the horrors human beings put others through another parent adds that her son has also been distant.

The shocking part, however, is the fact that he is also a Nairobi School student.

Leaked SMSes of Nairobi School parents after student is assault by prefect

She says,

i Am shaking terribly I have a son in form one at Nairobi school. Sasa nitamtoa au?
He came home for April holidays and I saw he had transformed to a total stranger. Oh dear Lord 😭😭😭


My son has changed. And you know I was there taking it lightly now i am sick to my stomach.
He became cold and distant, can’t look me in the eye, very quiet and the way he was bubbly and full of life when we took him there.

Shocked and unsure what to do the parent admits that she has been taking her son’s complains lightly.

Aki sijui what he’s going through. Naskia kufly Hadi hiyo shule. Whaat. Top boy in mbooni sai performance chini amekua something else.
Aki do something kwasababu Mimi sijui naweza fanyia nini mtu nitapata anadhulumu mwanangu.

Another parent says,

My nephew was at nairobi school some years back but openings they boy would just refuse go back to school. hadi mamake used to beat him akifikiria anakataa shule….i just hope he was not assaulted….

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