Comedian Eric Omondi is mourning the passing of upcoming comedian Njenga Mswahili.

He was hit by a train.

In an interview with Milele FM, Omondi said he was depressed.

He described Njenga as a creative comedian, who always came up with unique content.

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But he said in the last three years the budding comedian wasn’t okay.

One thing I have learnt from Njenga Mswahili, there was a time he was not okay. Actually let me say for like three years. The first bit he tried to seek help. He talked to me three or four times and I helped a little,’ he said.

Omondi vividly remembered the day he met Njenga at Nakumatt Junction (now Carrefour) and he told him life was tough.

The last I remember, I heard that Njenga was born again and that he had started going around preaching. a few months later I met him at the former Nakumatt Junction where he went on to tell me that he was not doing well, he took a few things and I paid. But a month later I heard that he had been arrested for shoplifting.

The award-winning comedian talked about how depressed people suffer in silence but those close to them usually assume they’re okay.

Njenga was crying out for help during his darkest times but everyone -including me, was simply too busy with our own lives to lend a hand. He WAS TRYING TO MAke ends meet but things weren’t working and this went on for over three years. It’s like we have lost our humanity,’ Eric said.

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Just like many, Omondi said his assumption was that Njenga would be okay.

I also blame myself for assuming he’ll be alright. iF SOMEONE ESPECIALLY a man is depressed, we always assume that they are strong and will sail through.

He concluded by urging the society to help depressed people to avoid MORE DEATHS.

His case should be a lesson and let’s take mental health seriously.


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