Lawrence Warunge

A man who escaped the Kiambaa gruesome killings has spoken out. Narrating the ordeal, the man, who worked for Lawrence Warunge’s uncle in an interview with Citizen TV, shared horrifying details, on the fateful night Nicholas Njoroge, his wife, son and nephew were murdered.

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After arriving home from a night club, the witness said he found the body of James Kinyanjui, his friend, a farmhand at Njoroge’s homestead, lying in a pool of blood. It was there that he met face to face with Lawrence, who was waiting for him.

‘When I saw him, I just ran. I only heard footsteps of one person and ran to save my life. He chased me but I ran and hid in a nearby farm,’ THE Survivor explained.


‘I called my employer, Lawrence’s uncle and told him about what was happening and he showed up with police officers.’

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The police found three different footprints one of a man wearing shoes, bare feet and footmarks of a woman in shoes. According to media reports, Lawrence told the police that,

‘He removed his shoes after they soaked in blood, later walked in the house barefoot before putting on women’s shoes, which he claimed he bought plus a doll and a wig in Thika.’


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