Juddie Jay has spoken for the first time about her abusive relationship with a man she once reffered to as her boyfriend after they started living together.

The former Nairobi Diaries star took to Instagram to recount how the man would assault her before chasing her out of the house, never mind the fact that she paid the rent.

She paints the picture of a man who would go binge drinking then come back to the house to flex his muscles on her. However, he’d say he does not remember the following morning.

At the time, Judy says, she was working with Kenya Airways – a job that she eventually lost because her discipline was wanting.

However, one day she was chased away from the house that she was paying rent for and this is when she decided to start over.

Judy added that what she went through with the man whom she refers to as a ‘hood rat’ is the reason why she would rather have a man who has made it in life.

This is what she posted:

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