A pastor at Toplife Ministries International has narrated how one of his followers’ child was swallowed by a python while riding in a tuk-tuk (keke).

Shocked meme lol
Shocked meme lol. photo credit:file

In a lengthy post he shared on Facebook, the pastor revealed that one of his followers’ was heading home with her children and she asked a passenger, who was on board to help her carry one of her children.

“Beloved, on Sunday 4th Feb 2018 a member of our church, while returning home after service around after 1 pm boarded a tuk-tuk with her four children. She handed over one of the children to a male passenger she met in the tuk-tuk to help her carry due to lack of enough space,” he wrote in part.

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The stranger agreed only for him to turn into a python and swallowed the child.

“Not long after, the stranger transformed to a large python and was swallowing this young boy right inside the tuk-tuk in broad daylight here in Bonny Island. The head and part of the shoulders of the young boy had already gone into the mouth of the python. On noticing this frightening scene, the boy’s mother shouted ‘JESUS!’

This made the python to vomit the boy and disappeared leaving some teeth bruises on the boy’s body. The boy had fainted but was later revived and prayed over. 

The lesson here is to ensure you don’t hand over your child or property to a total stranger. You may never know who you are dealing with.
May the Almighty God deliver us from satanic agents of darkness in the name of Jesus Christ!” he added.

Here’s the photo of the boy after the python vomited him

boy who was swallowed and later vomited by a python

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