In the recent past, we’ve seen pastors asking their congregants to do all manner of things to get ‘divine’ healing.

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Last year, some pastors became the talk of the town after making their flock do things like eating insects, buying cucumbers, making them drink disinfectants, name it.

And now, a pastor identified as Zendile Andries November has elicited mixed reactions after reportedly healing a woman’s vaginal pimples using his shoe.

A video uploaded on a Facebook page that belongs to his church – Victorious Faith Ministries – shows him asking a female worshipper whether she has pimples around her vagina.

When she says yes, the Pastor asks one of the ushers to take of his (the pastor’s) right shoe before instructing the woman to put it between her legs and close to her vagina.

The woman is seen falling to the floor with the shoe between her thighs before being taken to the toilet by a female usher.

After some time, the two make their way back to pulpit and the usher reveals that she (the sick woman) is now healed.

Here is the video:

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