We have spent the better part of the year bashing them. Making them feel like hawatoshi mboga. The thing is, these women are super influential. Like it or not, they have clout online and with that clout comes the responsibility of being role models.

So without any further a do, Happy Women’s day to all those kind of lasses. I hear they call themselves socialites nowadays!

Now that we are celebrating influential women who have made positive changes in the world, East Africa seems to also have their own kind of lasses that are running the social airwaves.

Check them out;

Zari Hassan

Zari was previously married to Ugandan tycoon Ivan Ssemwanga but their marriage deteriorated to dust. But she picked herself up and bagged another bigwig, Diamond Platnumz. Apart from being a wife and a mother of 5, Zari doesn’t see nothing wrong with posting her semi-nude self for all to see. Keep those things for Diamond only sister girl! In addition to that, her social media following is growing by the day.

Vera Sidika

This lass is news any day, any time! She has contributed to the pressure of young girls to change how they look. Thanks to publicizing skin lightening as a trendy fad. Young girls want to be like her because of the car she drives, the clothes she rocks… basically, she has sold the socialite tag like it is cool. Question is, how does she make her money?

Huddah Monroe

I can’t start counting the men she has been accused of having a thing with (they are too many to finish counting) but the lass proves to be one of the most controversial names in East Africa. It seems Huddah has earned a lot off her nudity. Yet, she was influential enough to tell the youth to get a voters card and vote. Did the call for action have an impact? I would like to know.

Bridget Achieng

What comes in your head when you think of Bridget Achieng? Big booty? Well, Vera kando. Without a doubt Bridget Achieng amebeba. Just as her booty is big, her personality is also huge. The Nairobi Diaries lass is making headlines from her ratchetness, her loudness to her scandalous life. This crazy lifestyle has paid her bills.

Risper Faith

The last time I checked, she was saved! But I’m told that was loooooooog time ago. Well, the socialite now graces our screens with her drama filled life not to mention dressing her bootylicious self with almost naked pieces of materials. Anyway, that just another way of defining a nudist!

Thanks to her haso, she now has a man who is building a house for her. Now young girls have stopped thinking education is the key to success and they are thinking they should be ratchet to get a good life. Usilalie mlango wa mwenzio wazi. Utaanguka boss.

Basically, the reason for having this post is to show the young girls out there that, you don’t have to do what they do, pick the good parts and emulate. The business acumen of all these women can help you build a brand, sell your product and make a good living.

Happy women’s day!