A video has surfaced online showing a city gang that is made up of two men and a woman conniving to steal a laptop from a reveller who was having a good time at an entertainment joint along Kimathi Street.

In the video, the trio is seen pretending that they have also visited the club to have some drinks when what they are really doing is monitoring the movements of a certain man.

The victim who had hanged his laptop bag on the seat is seen leaving, presumably to receive a phone call, but nothing happens the first time as he is seen returning to the seat while dancing.

Shortly later, a woman who was dressed in a spotted dress walks up and stands behind the man’s seat. She is joined by a man in official attire and the two are seen pretending that they are chatting.

While this is going on, a third man walks behind them and grabs the laptop bag and goes on his way.

The bag was reportedly carrying a laptop and other valuables. The case has been reported at Central Police Station.

Here’s the video:

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