Afew days back, Cyprian Nyakundi too aim and fired a rather nasty salvo at Emmy Kosgei for marrying a decidedly much older man, Apostle Anslem Madubuko.

Cyprian Nyakundi
Cyprian Nyakundi. photo credit: instagram/c_nyakundih

Cyprian also took issue with the fact the couple is happily wedded because Emmy Kosgei is married to a Nigerian whom Cyprian went on to slander calling the entire lot of Nigerians scammers and con artists… I shall ignore that for a second and simply glide into the response Emmy Kosgei fired back.

Emmy Kosgei

The response came in way of a K24 interview on Talk Central, Emmy Kosgei said this about dating young men:

“No way (I can’t marry a younger man if I divorce). They come with their own problems and where I have gone now (high) is a big gap ooh…My husband has got me, he loves me,”

Emmy actually went on to talk about her marriage to Anselm in candid fashion revealing some of the issues it faced at the very beginning:

“You know women, pastor akiwa single, they have their eyes set on him. One Sunday he announced to the congregation that ‘All of you are my spiritual children, I cannot pick from my flock it is bad. I will be taking a wife from Kenya.’ The single girls left but some have come back as they realized that I’m just this simple Kenyan girl,”