Mary Kilobi and Atwoli
Mary Kilobi and Atwoli

A journalist has gone ape sh*t on Kenyan slay queens who claim that they will not take on the husband’s name.

Leon Lidigu a student of Journalism at Pacific University, India has claimed that he has “grown so weary of the constant arguments all over social media instigated by petty feminists who do not have a grasp on what real feminism is all about.”

In a column published in the Star newspaper, Leon goes hard on the said “feminist”.

“The misconception that adopting your man’s name makes you some sort of property is a big fat lie.

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First_Lady_Michelle_Obama_thanks_U.S._Department_of_Agriculture_USDA_employees_for_their_service_and_dedication_at_the_Jefferson_Auditorium_USDA_on_Friday_May_3_2013_Pic_3/commons wikimedia

Interesting enough, a feminist like Michelle Obama who has adopted husband’s name did not even object. Has it stopped her from being successful in life? Or being by his side and helping running America? Which is what a submissive woman is supposed to do. Society should be able to tell who the man in the relationship is.

Do you remember when Amal took up the surname of George Clooney? Neanderthal feminists immediately played jury and decided that women like her suffer serious detriment to their careers when they change it.

Like really? Have you seen Mary Kilobi Atwoli stop doing news because her new found love took her in the other day in a traditional ceremony ? Having the same last name is a tradition of marriage as a civil agreement.”

Leon added that the problem has been exacerbated further by, “Immature women, who have made marriage a political affair (or some kind of NASA rally ), commercialised relationships or even made them about blue subarus, plastic money, Dubai trips, and many other materialistic ventures, must stop!”

Do you agree?

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