devil worshipper. photo credit: fearstrikes
devil worshipper. photo credit: fearstrikes

A businessman who killed a motorist 11 years ago after a minor road accident yesterday said the death stills haunts him.

Albert Mbogori was charged with murder, but was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 14 months in prison after he killed Benjamin Rahedi.  He spent time in Industrial Area Prison, leading to the collapse of his enterprises, he said.

Mbogori now wants Rahedi’s family to forgive him. Mbogori said during cross-examination in court that his businesses have collapsed and he cannot pay the family Sh12.5 million awarded by the High Court.

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In the case, Mbogori wants the court to declare him bankrupt. He says he is unable to pay Sh12.5 million. Mbogori said his family, friends and well-wishers have been meeting to raise Sh3 million to give the family.

The court awarded widow Violet Rahedi the damages after she sued Mbogori for negligently firing his gun and causing the death of her husband. She was awarded Sh7 million, her two children were to get Sh2 million each and Rahedi’s father was to get Sh500,000.

The payout has not been forthcoming. Meanwhile, there is an active warrant of arrest against Mbogori for failing to pay. The widow claims he has refused to comply.

The businessman blamed his financial situation. He told Justice James Makau that on December 1, 2007, he was coming back from Ongata Rongai when he was involved in a minor road accident near the Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi.

An argument ensued with the occupants of the other vehicle, they hit him and he fell to the ground. He removed his gun to fire in the air, but one of them pushed him and the bullet accidentally hit Rahedi who was not part of the scuffle.

Mbogori said no day passes without his remembering that moment. He appealed to Rahedi’s family to forgive him so he can be at peace with himself. The trader said he is aware of the court order demanding that he pays the cash. He said he does not have it.

Mbogori’s wife has assumed the role of being his family’s breadwinner, he said.

Credits: The Star