Size 8 and DJ Mo
Size 8 and DJ Mo

Popular decks master DJ Mo has for the first time responded to cheating allegations. Last year, rumours went viral that DJ Mo was cheating on his wife – gospel singer-cum-pastor Size 8 – and that they had parted ways.

Size 8, DJ Mo and Ladasha Belle

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Well, in an exclusive interview with, DJ Mo rubbished the claims saying:

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. So kama hatujawachana someone should be ashamed. Don’t believe in rumors. Hatuwachani.

He also talked about losing their unborn child in December last year and said it was their lowest moments in life.

 Everything has a reason and we don’t blame God. It was a low moment for us. 

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Advised young people who want to settle down to:

Marry your friend and someone you can tolerate.

DJ Mo who was part of the invited guests at Daddy Owen’s Malaika Awards foundation, praised the Kapungala singer for impacting the society positively.

The Malaika awards means a lot to me. It means there’s someone who’s seeing something that most of us have not seen. 

Malaika Awards was launched in 2012 by gospel bigwig Daddy own to celebrate people living with disabilities who have gone on to achieve feats that even the able-bodied haven’t.

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