Diamond's mother and step dad

Diamond Platnumz stepfather Rally Jones has come out to respond to claims that all is not well between him and the singer’s mother.

This comes barely a month after Rally Jones’s side chic gave birth to a baby boy.

Diamond's mother and step dad

The singer’s mother (Sandra Kassim) called out her lover after she found out that he had sired a child out of wedlock.

Speaking to a Tanzanian media she said,

 I don’t know the woman but even if she has given birth, she isn’t his wife or main chic. I’m a legally married wife. If he [Rally Jones] wants to sire kids outside wedlock he can go ahead and do it. No one has restricted him plus I’m not barren. I already have children, who are famous and are contributing to the country’s economy. So why would I be concerned with the kid he sired with another woman? That doesn’t bother me and I care less. I live in my own home and have a family and respect myself and got everything I want in life. If he decided to sire a child out of wedlock let him continue siring more.

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Rally shared lyrics from Juliana Kanyamozi’s song Usiende Mbali, telling off haters, who’ve been spreading rumours that he had been dumped by his 52-year-old lover.

Tunavyo ishi wanandhani tunadanganyana
Sii rahisi amini mimi na wewe tukatengana [They think our love is fake and that we’re just lying to each other. Believe me not, ot’s not easy for us to separate.]

He went ahead to share a photo of them together and captioned it,

KUKUPENDA WEWEEEE INAWACHOMAaaa. [ Loving you really hurts them.

Diamond Platnumz's parents

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The singer’s mother and her youthful lover are so in love with each other and have of late been posting photos of each other with romantic messages to the annoyance of many.

Diamond Platnumz's parents
Diamond Platnumz’s parents

Rally Jones’s side chic is already planning for their son’s 40 days ceremony which will take place in a few days time.

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