Tanasha - Diamond

Director Kenny was the man who shot Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna’s music video for the popular song ‘Gere.’ The hit song went viral but Brazillian singer Iza was not impressed after her video ideas were copied.

The two video concepts are very similar. Iza’s song ‘Brisa’ was released 10 months before Diamond and Tanasha dropped their song ‘Gere’ and accumulated millions of views.

Iza later took to social media to rant and it seems the two didn’t ask for permission to borrow the idea. In short it was ‘daylight theft’.

Director Kenny

But, speaking to Wasafi media, Diamond’s director, Kenny, recently said that he didn’t steal anyone’s idea and that ideas have always been there and can’t be by a specific person

‘There is not a single new idea in the world. These ideas are always there. Ideas just look similar and its not that I copied’

‘If we had copied, we’d have travelled there, used their beach, the same props and everything’

It was my idea. I prepared the set and then someone comes to tell me that I copied? It is just creativity’

Diamond and Tanasha

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