Size 8 and DJ Mo selfie
Size 8 and DJ Mo . photo credit: instagram/size 8

Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo are a perfect match made in heaven. The two, who have been grabbing headlines for the longest time in the showbiz industry, is never afraid of displaying their affection for each other.

Size 8 & DJ Mo

From kissing to showering each other with loving messages all over social media, the Murayas should think of starting a soap opera.

Kwani Anafyonza Mafuta? Kenyans React To DJ Mo And Size 8’s Kiss

Well, with less than 24 hours remaining to Valentines Day, the power couple seems to be ready to celebrate and in a lengthy post she posted on social media, Size 8 has showered her husband with love and here is the message.

“Love is humble love wants the best for the other love is not jealous love is patient love does not gossip love does not condem love keeps no record of wrong love believes beyond a shadow of doubt love does nt assume love forgives love gives love delights I good not evil love seeks wisdom counsel and revelations from God. You Get this Love in Jesus and in Him you are also able to Love the way He loves you to your spouse family friend’s and enemies. Love you @djmokenya so much soooo much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘 #valentines #lovemonth #smiles #grace #themurayas”

Size 8

he Mateke singer, who hosts a gospel show on a local TV station, has of late been sharing inspirational quotes and in another post, she wrote:

“Our God is supreme and powerful nobody can defeat Him. Start believing more in God and less in your troubles and worries. Trust in His power and grace and love. Pride, fear and worry are signs that you don’t acknowledge the power of the sovereign God and his love for you.”

DJ MO and Size 8’s followers are happy for them and they’re wishing them nothing but the vest. Check out some of the comments.

Shii Kims: May this Family stand firm to be a role model to many families that marriage works

Faith Kexhi: Awwh lovely couple…on fleek

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Damar_marshi: Wow, nothing is better than love, the two of you are the ultimate match

Miakadiana: Best couple ever 😍😘😘😘..God bless your relationship always

Size 8


Janenjerikungu: Wow! looking amazing together. May God continue to strengthen your marriage

Jayden Fredd: You bless me a lot. Love you a lot ..amazing..may God keep on blessing you and all the best

Saida Islim: Happy Valentine day to both of you…. Cute couple

Liz Watuka: Nawaombea baraka tele…I love you guys😘😘

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