Akothee speaking about sleeping with Jaguar at Bahati's EMB Rebirth event. photo credit: Jaguar
Akothee speaking about sleeping with Jaguar at Bahati's EMB Rebirth event. photo credit: Jaguar

Last week, the judgement army was on Akothee’s case, complaining about the way she carries herself.

This came after photos of her performing on stage went viral. The images which showed her dancing lasciviously were taken negatively by a loud minority.

The singer on stage

That minority took those images as an opportunity to attack the mother of 5. That is; concerning her general demeanor and how she carries herself.

Akothee and Victoria Kimani
Akothee and Victoria Kimani on the beach

Akothee as is her characteristic, responded with fire and brimstone, telling her critics that she was not a role model and that they should leave her alone.

The back and forth has raised question? Have the critics really accomplished their goal of shaming the singer into submission that she should change, with their conservative views?

The singer posing in shades

My answer is a big NO. In fact, I believe their crusade against the artiste has had not only the opposite effect, but also emboldened her.

The singer has been known to deal with more aggressive online activists like Robert Alai and Cyprian Nyakundi and has battled both.

Cyprian Nyakundi
Cyprian Nyakundi

The recent criticism by her detractors has not only had many women (who hitherto might have been indifferent to her) back her but also made her a heroine.

Women who believe in the right of a woman to chose her course and destiny without the opinions and views of men.

When women from diverse backgrounds the likes of Janet Mbugua, Esther Passaris, Caroline Mutoko and Nerima Wako have your back, what are a few critics?

Mutoko said in a YouTube video last week:

Akothee, keep doing what you do. I love your style on Instagram. Baby, I don’t know any of your music and I haven’t been to any of your concerts and here’s the thing because I can’t sing along to any, I might never come. But if you ever ask me out to tea, I’ll come. keep going mama, i love you to death.

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Maina Kageni, the man with the most popular morning show in Kenya, came out to defend the singer with the simple phrase:

Let Akothee be!

Let her be!

The criticism of Akothee was ill-advised, something that any PR consultant would tell you would fall flat. Something we are seeing with the rejuvenation of support for the controversial mother of 5.

Akothee with her daughters

I will leave you with an oft-used phrase, that I believe explains a lot concerning this situation:

There is no such thing as bad publicity.

As Akothee would say: ‘call police’.

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