By now I’m sure everyone knows that Laura Oyier recently launched her water which is being sold for Ksh800.

Laura Oyier Officially Launches Her Water. Is She The Next 50 Cent? (PHOTO GALLERY)

Association of Kenyan Haters mercilessly teared at Laura Oyier after launching the water. (check out the post below).

Kenyans On Twitter Mercilessly Tear At Laura Oyier And Her Water

As others are complaining, there are people who are actually buying the water. Check out the pictures below;


For those who think the water is too expensive, I’ll give them a discount if they order by calling +254717146999. For haters, the moon doesn’t bark at the dog its the dogs job to take care of that. And if the moon ever turned around to address the dog then it would be the end of the universe as we know it. #itsmywater by Laura Oyier