Does Mishi Dora loves drama or does drama love her, that is the question we are asking ourselves after Luwi and Mishi almost got into a physical fight.

The confrontation came about after the hunk called Mishi a b*itch something that did not go well with her.

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The two do not get along very well on screen and off screen and we now know the reason why.

According to Luwi, Mishi stole his USD100 during the video shoot of the Nairobi D production.

Mishi has defended herself by saying, “I am a thief yes but i don’t steal money, I steal d*cks and not things like money.”

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On the other hand Luwi explained himself saying that he does not like Mishi Dora for the fact that she has too much negative energy and he does not want it to get to his happy soul.

“You are untrustworthy, You are a thief and a bad lier. How can one person have all this bad qualities?” Luwi asked

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Mishi responded by saying he wanted to hit that that is why he is salty.

This is not the first time that Mishi has said that another man. She recently intimated that Hillary Mudigi – Sauti Sol’s Savara – of being interested in her.

Mishi accused Luwi of having wanted to bang her.

“Why did you call me a b*tch yet you have never smashed me, yes you have wanted to smash me by grabbing my ass. If i gave you that opportunity you would have smashed me but you are not my type.”

She  continues, “I don’t smash women I’m so busy with real d*cks.”

Could the fact that Mishi denied Luwi the cookie be the reason they don’t get along? Only time will tell if the beef is about the money or about the cookie.

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