Celebrated gospel singer Linet Munyali, popularly known as Size 8 received a lot of backlash back in 2016 after releasing her collaboration with controversial singer Willy Paul dubbed ‘Tiga Wana’.

The secular-turned-gospel act was accused of releasing music that does not have a genuine Christian message, with people expressing their disappointment that she can sing that kind of music.

But for some reason, the song still did well and got a lot of airplay and is already at 1 Million views on YouTube, which means people just hate but still love her songs.

KWANI KUNAENDA AJE? See What Size 8 Has Said About Her Marriage With DJ Mo

Size 8 is known for her amazing voice and energetic performance on stage and even after crossing over the gospel world back in 2013, the talented singer still maintained her fans and a huge following.

The Mateke singer is married to top gospel deejay, DJ Mo, real name, Sammy Muraya and the two are blessed with a very adorable daughter, Ladasha Belle, who recently turned a year old.

Size 8 is not taking a break from music and she’s back with another track, dubbed Mapocho.According to Size 8, the song is an appreciation to God for his enduring blessings that she doesn’t deserve, but He still provides;

According to Size 8, the song is an appreciation to God for his enduring blessings that she doesn’t deserve, but He still provides;

MAPOCHOPOCHO is a name i use to describe God’s blessings in my life. How beautiful His put my life together even when i wrong Him or disappoint Him his love is never ending. I just find myself smiling at His goodness and abundant grace in my life. My God has been to good to me. The blessings in my life are more than i could ever imagine. No amount of words can be used to thank my God.

Just like her last song Tiga Wana, a keen listener will get the message of the song but at least this time she’s singing more about God, with most of the verses in English.

However, some of her fans feel like she could still do better and release more inspiring songs like she did with; Pale Pale, Afadhali Yesu, Ni Yesu and Yuko Na Wewe.

Here are some of the comments from her social media;

Diana Diana: victor chitery ???????????? sure but its sound #avrilkenya_kitu kimoja☝
Ruth Wangui: size 8 please give us space sielewi kitu hapa we need a song like huyu yesu by Masika and Angle
Faith Wairimu: You are now loosing track ….Ati mapocho
Esther January: Afadhali yesu was a great song mama wambo. It blesses full time. What is happening to you right now???? Do you always mingle with female gospel artistes like Sarah K among others and know what it means to sing gospel? ?? you have been my favourite and I like you so big, but you are losing it.
Oliech tube: Size 8. Nice Video but the Song NG…Please give us content that can uplift our souls and make us feel in the spirit of watching…Hii Mapochopocho sasa haina difference na Bazokizo

But there were still fans who congratulated her for the new single;

Vivyshiko:The song is good… such a blessing to kila mtu keep up
Ennkiennki: 77This is good.
Wanguannie: This one iko tops.
Candy_kui: It’s awesome. I love it