Ladies Liar

So one day at the office we were having a casual chat with my colleagues and an interesting topic sprung up which actually motivated this piece. Just how open or even honest are our ladies when it comes to certain things in life?

Apart from the usual “Women aren’t supposed to reveal their age” stereotype, what are other things/secrets that ladies are willing to take with them to the grave?


Show me a girl who is more than willing to reveal her real age and I will show my future wife, because rarely will you ever find a lady who thinks it’s acceptable to be honest especially when it comes to her age. All they ever hit you with is “I’m a woman and we are not meant to reveal our age.” Ok who instilled all these ‘rules’ in the society? Plus I thought age was just but a number!

Number Of Lovers

Unlike men who openly discuss a whole lot of stuff without fear of discrimination, unless it’s another lady and a close friend at that, you will never get to the ladies to reveal the actual number of their past lovers or rather sexual partners.

The most common number is “Less than five” or even “Countable”. Delve deeper into that line of conversation, and you will probably be considered an enemy or a freak.

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In line with the number of lovers, another very crucial thing is a lady’s health status, – I’m talking herHIV/Aids status.

Unless you two are in the final stages of organizing for your dream wedding, never let your tongue slip and ask “Do you know your HIV Status” or rather “When was the last time you visited the Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) centre?” because there my friend, will be the end of you.

Do You Carry Condoms?

Ladies out here will act all educated and careful when it comes to their health and sex lives but dare ask them whether they carry around contraceptives (read condoms) in their handbags. “What do you take me for? I am not loose, you think am a slut? ” You will be left wondering what part of condoms stands for a hidden insult.

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One Night Stands

Valentine’s craze is with us and it’s a race against time for men and women out there to either find themselves a potential lover or a date come V-day. It’s during this time that flowers and gifts become the order of the day and doomsday for the unlucky folks.

This is the day where ladies and gentlemen score quick dates and after a drink or two, one has to forego their bed for the others’ and the morning after is where the toughest challenge comes in. No one likes being spotted exiting a strange neighbourhood with a stranger.

Do you know any lady who is confident enough to reveal whether she down for one night stands or do they all want to look innocent and holier than thou?


Speaking of strange neighborhoods, how willing are our ladies to respond honestly when you inquire about their hoods? Don’t a majority of them claim to be from those posh neighborhoods, just to look cool and rich? How many are actually proud of where they come from if it’s not from the leafy surburbs?


More often than not, your salary dictates where you are going to settle and picture this; If a lady is not willing to reveal her hood, what are the odds she will actually tell you how much she pockets monthly?.

Even in relationships, ladies have a tendency of making sure they are the ‘lowest earner’ in the relationship even if that’s not the case, for reasons best known to them. But why?

Do you think I left out any crucial points? Make sure to hit me up in the comments section below.