Colonel Mustafa with Pam

Musician and Nairobi Diaries cast member Colonel Mustafa is the face of the local decorated reality show.

The multi-talented artiste is never afraid of speaking his mind and he’s known for his vulgar language.

Well, on yesterday’s Nairobi Diaries’ show, Colonel Mustafa paid Pam (his fellow cast) a surprise visit at her hotel room.

“I have a wife that’s why I couldn’t invite Pam to my house.I chose to come to her hotel room because it’s secure here,” he said.

Adding that:

“I bought for Pam an expensive dress for the upcoming black party. She’s special to me. She treats me well and I respect her.”

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The Dodoma Singida hitmaker says he chose Pam for the black party instead of Bridget Achieng because she is not around.

“She will be my date for the upcoming black party,” he said.

On the other hand, Pam says they’ve known each other for a while and “Mustafa is after me and we flirt. He’s not on my level.”

“Nilikuwa nataka kumpiga Lipunda kweli kweli. Akinipa lipunda siwezi lala.”

The two then took to the dance floor to showcase off their dancing skills and at some point, Pam could be seen rubbing her buttocks on Colonel Mustafa’s genitals twerking on Colonel Mustafa. And Mustafa went down on his knees and kissed Pam’s private area. Anapenda kulamba lolo.

“Wanawake wa siku hizi ni moto wa kuotea mbali. Wanajua kunengua na akikud***ya utalia. Lazima ukuwe fit.

He goes ahead to teach men how to make love to women and he says:

“Wanaume wengi hamuezi piga lipunda sawa sawa. Mpapase mwanamke hadi alegee. Njugu, miwa, samaki na watermelon zinasaidia sana kwa kupiga lipunda.”

Check out the photos


Colonel Mustafa and Pam


Colonel Mustafa and Pam


Colonel Mustafa and Pam


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Colonel Mustafa and Pam30708471_1895449597155494_1630700703339949578_n-130708471_1895449597155494_1630700703339949578_n-1


Colonel Mustafa and Pam


Colonel Mustafa and Pam

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Colonel Mustafa and Pam



Colonel Mustafa and Pam


Colonel Mustafa and Pam


Colonel Mustafa and Pam


Colonel Mustafa and Pam


Colonel Mustafa and Pam


Colonel Mustafa and Pam

Watch the video below of Colonel Mustafa and Pam getting down