Jaguar steve mbogo

Today morning, Jaguar went live on his Instagram account whle in court to listen to the final rulling of the election petition case brought to court by Steve Mbogo.

Steve Mbogo claims the election was manipulated in Jaguar’s favour. He told the court on that his agent was stabbed.

Jaguar in courtMbogo also told justice Fred Ochieng that he was denied entry to Pumwani Secondary School polling stations and that there was “massive ballot stuffing” by his opponent.

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He asked the court to order IEBC to conduct a fresh vote in his testimony after a process he alleged was neither free nor fair.

“I am aggrieved by the declaration [of victory] and believe the election was riddled with grave breaches of the constitution and applicable electoral laws,” he said.

Steve Mbogo claimed the entire process of voting, counting, tallying, declaration and announcement of results was non-compliant with the law.

mbogoHe added that after reviewing Forms 34B and 35B and others used in the vote, he discovered results declared by IEBC had “massive numeric discrepancies” that affected the final result outcome.

Defending himself the Starehe MP Charles Njagua known widely by his street moniker Jaguar defended himself in court saying he won the August 8 general election without manipulation.

“The outcome of the votes in the entire voting process proved that I sweated (sic) through my campaigns and rallies and I used a lot of time and energy to travel the constituency and convince them to elect me,” Jaguar said in a past court appearance said.

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Today, Justice Fred Ochieng ruled that there’s no prove to show that Steve Mbogo assaulted Jaguar.

Adding that failure to sign one form, 35 A, didn’t have any impact on the results. It was a minor issue.

The court then ruled that the Starehe election was conducted in accordance with the constitution. And that Jaguar was validly elected.

The court has ordered Steve Mbogo to pay Ksh 10 million as costs; 5million to IEBC and
5 million to Charles Kanyi Jaquar

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