Has Vera Sidika’s life become too predictable?

The life of a socialite is undeniably boring; it only has predictable facets. Lots of sex, lots of money, travel, Instagram photos, nights out and repeat. The captions are almost the same!

When I interviewed rapper Xtatic back in May, she opined that Kenyan models could do a lot more than complain about imaginary haters and spam their followers with unnecessary, low-quality twerk videos.

“I don’t know, man, I don’t know. I feel like all of them are smart. For them to get all those followers they’re really smart. Notably ofcourse Vera and Huddah, I think they have small businesses going on,” Xtatic said.

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To build further on my argument, I’d like to show you how being a socialite can be monotonous. The one Vera Sidika posted a photo a week ago with a caption copied from another girl’s photo. The ‘victim’ is Anerlisa Muigai, a stellar CEO who’s running a fast growing company.

She literally doesn’t tolerate nonsense. The latter’s photo is 34 weeks old…something that creates further worry about what Kenyan socialites are upto. Are they hypocrites? They look up to or are obsessed with decent people whereas they’re posing the wrong image to the Kenyan youth. Here’s for you to judge:

Anerlisa’s photo:


Vera Sidika’s photo:


Is Vera’s life boring? Leave your comments below!