Dj Pierra Makena has from time to time proven that she is one of the most versatile Kenyan Female Kenyan Dj. She juggles her day PR job with long nights of gigs and on set shooting sessions. This explains why she was recently nominated for a top Nollywood award alongside big names like Oprah Winfrey and Vivica A Fox.

The gorgeous Dj took us by surprise when she released a steamy music video yesterday. The song produced by legendary music producer R Kay is a remix of the old Taarab song Wape Wape Vidonge Vyao which has been redone countless times over the years.

Exclusive: Kenyan Entertainer Nominated For Top Nollywood Award Alongside Oprah Winfrey

Pierra’s version is an amazing attempt. She has strong, fluid vocals and a narrative approach to the production. She told me that she still maintained her Dj persona in the song as it hypes it with a catchy hook.

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Here are the song lyrics;

“Wape wale vidonge vyao.
Wakimeza, wakitema,
Shauri yao”

“Give them their medicine/pills.
If they swallow it or spit it out
That is their problem”

Credit:, 13th Feb 2005

The video is sensual and appealing. It keeps you alert till the end. The dancers in the video complimented the high quality video, which Pierra says was expensive.