A few months back, Mejja was celebrating the love of his life in a colourful way that only a musician can muster -through social media and we captured all his emotional claptrapping in such spectacular fashion like only Mpasho can.


Meet Mejja’s Sexy Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

And Mejja even took her on a trip where it was just the two of them and sunshine:

You Will Not Believe What Mejja Has Done To His Unbelievably Beautiful Girlfriend (PHOTO)

Well, I chose to remain silent on a sight we were treated to at the MAMA Party this past weekend but I have seen it run so now perhaps I can talk about it without being called salty. While at the party, Mejja was accompanied by another woman…


To see her, and the photos of their kisses at the MAMA Afterparty you will have to go to the next page!