Singer Vivian has taken the music industry by storm. She is currently ruling the airwaves with the hit song Chingi Changa, one that talks about her past toxic relationship before she met her fiancé Sam West.

Chingi Changa is a mellow song, it’s a love triangle, it’s a bit of a love story, it reflects being in a relationship that might not work for you,” she told Mpasho

She added;

“I decided to tell my story because I’ve been hurt by people, they rode on my self-esteem. Its an experience that I had with a guy in my past before I met Sam West. I like telling my story and being real.”

Vivian has since found love and was recently engaged on national TV.

“I felt like dying (laughing),” she says. “I really felt like it wasn’t real. I’m very conservative and I like doing things in my corner, where no one can come and spoil my vibe. It wasn’t something I really loved but it happened and it was cool eventually.”

She added:

“We are different and I have to respect how he feels he wants to express himself. It was very interesting and I got engaged on live TV.”

Sam West

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So, when is the wedding?

“We are planning, details are coming through. Next year.”

She went on to describe how happy she was to finally get engaged to the man of her dreams.

“Sam West is a good man. He brings out the best in me. He challenges me and we’ve been able to do many things together. He respects me and the fact that I’m a female artiste.”

And how did they meet?

“Sam was my stalker. We met through a mutual friend, I was in Nakuru so the friend introduced us and we started talking because he does a lot of marketing and PR. We started talking, met a couple of times but initially I wasn’t interested, I was focused and I was very guarded, but he came in properly. I’m happy he is the man I get to walk with in life.”

Vivian has done a recent collabo with Uganda’s Pallaso and is set to fill the Afraha Stadium in April next year, promoting Kenyan music.

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