Ken Mijungu
Ken Mijungu

Kenyan men on average can’t dress for shit. No, really, Kenyan men are the worst dressed of their Eastern and Central African counterparts. But once in a while we spot a ray of hope and no matter how small that ray, we need to celebrate it.

One such ray of hope comes to us today in the form of Ken Mijungu who got married this past week and the affair was a dapper one if I do say so myself -if only for the lad and his men.

He didn’t go for garrish colours and outlandish styles for his suit, he kept everything grounded and I for one can imagine him re-purposing the suit for everyday wear albeit for some cocktail or black tie function.

Check out how dapper he and his groomsmen looked below:

ken mijungu weds ken mijungu weds1 ken mijungu weds2