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Classic 105’s Mike Mondo has revealed that he is off the market. He however did not reveal who the lucky woman.

“There is someone in the picture, just that I am not in a position to talk about her or reveal who she is.”

Mike, who celebrated his birthday at Cloud9 in Westlands with close friends and family at the weekend, told Word Is he has come a long way and he is grateful for where he is in life.

“I organised something for my close friends and family this time round. I have learnt so much in life, like life is a bitch and parenthood is not for everyone.”

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo

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Mike spent part of his special day with his two-year-old daughter, whom he says is one of the reasons he is working so hard.

“I want her to be everything she wants to be. I do not want her to go through what I did growing up. I have also come to know that sometimes life will be rough, but you have to press on and remain focused.”

In a past interview, Mike revealed that growing up, life was not easy.

“I remember one conversation I had with my mum, one time, she told me she could not be able to take me to school anymore. We were four boys, I had a big brother in high school already and two smaller brothers in private school. I have always being that inquisitive kid so I walked up to the principal’s office – I was in high school at the time – and told him, I don’t have fees but I want to complete my education. Good thing is, they told me if i maintain a certain grade then you can go to school here. My principal went ahead and got the alumni from the school and they paid my whole fees for 4 years. when I went to nursing school the same thing happened.” 

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Mike Mondo then reminisced about how life was hard before he finally got the radio job.

“To do this now, wow! There was a time I did not even have a mattress, I used to sleep on newspapers on the floor and wake up in the morning and hope that the day is going to be better. But you know, you hang in there and you keep doing what you are doing. And eventually things do work out.”


His aim in life is to get a seven-figure income, which he believes is possible.

“I have actually surpassed my target in life because I did not think I would be where I am today but I look forward to earning a seven-figure salary.”

Last month Mike bought himself his most expensive birthday gift ever—the latest BMW 3 Series (E91), much to the envy of those who still have numbers of Uber drivers on speed dial.

The BMW is a revised version of the 2006 model. Mike said he does not regret buying the new car as, “at the end of the day, pesa ni ya kutumiwa [money is meant to be spent”.

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