Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa Mobetto is ready to get married. Infact, the model has been planning to walk down the aisle but blames corona for the delay.

Mobetto who is rumoured to be dating a businessman by the name Fred Vujabei, wrote on her Insta-stories that;

“Yani kila nikitaka kuolewa, corona hiyoo sijui kwa nini”

(Everytime I decide to get married, corona hinders, I don’t know why)

Fantasy’s mum

Hamisa was in Turkey late last year and  the businessman was rumjoured to have sponsored her with a new Kid’s clothing line as her new business.

Hamisa has dated several people in the limelight among them Diamond Platnumz, whom they have a son together.

‘Drop your ego!’ Diamond warns Hamisa against beef with his mother

Her first born daughter Fancy, is fathered by Tanzanian media mogul Majizzo.