Bridget Achieng is gone!

No, she is not dead, God forbid, we need that drama to entertain us. Bridget is off the market. She has been proposed to by so many men but I guess she finally decided to settle on one (still unknown to us).

Bridget Achieng

With the help of Phoina who has been doing the Nairobi D cast members hair and makeup. Phoina polished up Bridget with a face beat and the wig was to die for.

With the caption:

Bride to be

Bridget Achieng

Bridget just confirmed to her fans and fisi’s that she is officially off the market. The last time we checked, she was proposed to during the Nairobi D reunion. Mustafa did everything and anything to make her his second wife.

Did she finally say yes? Shaffie Weru with the tough questions asked her why she is always associated with western men. She was very clear saying:

Once you go west you never go back!

Bridget Achieng

This caught my attention because the theme of her photo shoot was all western. From her clothes to the props, even the background music. She is obsessed.

I don’t know if she has accepted Mustafa’s proposal or she is definitely not going back from the Western men. She has prompted a lot with the caption:

Countdown begins

Left Hand

To her wedding day? Bridget Achieng looked very happy, all glowing like a little doll.

She was rumored to be pregnant early this year so maybe she has decided to quite ratchetry and start a family.

Alipata ule mbaya! Bridget Achieng is heavily pregnant

Here are a few pictures from the photoshoot of the bride to be, Bridget:

Keep it here at for this and more details of her upcoming wedding.