Anne and Waiganjo

Kirinyaga county governor Anne Waiguru and her fiancee lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo will hold their traditional wedding on July 13.

The ceremony will take place at Kiamugumo Primary school, Kirinyaga County, a stone throw away from where Waiguru was born.

Anne Waiguru

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The governor for the first time spoke about her wedding recently saying,

I have instructed the contractor for the Kianyaga-Kiamugumo- Kithure road to complete construction in under one and a half months since I will be having visitors.

The 53-year-old mother went on to say in Kikuyu,

‘Is being loved or loving a mistake?’

The county boss further warned that her marriage to Waiganjo – who is from the neighbouring Muranga county – should not be politicized.

Waiguru also noted that some people have already started interfering in her personal and private life with politics.

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Here is the invitation card

Anne Waiguru
Invitation car for Anne Waiguru and Waiganjo’s wedding

According to Kikuyu tradition, Waiganjo will first pay homage to Waiguru’s family to pay dowry which is known as ruracio from where elders will decide if he is fit to marry their daughter and further negations done and the wedding date set.

News of Waiguru who is Kirinyaga governor being married in Muranga has drawn mixed reactions in the county with some residents saying she will eventually abandon the county to take care of her home and family in Kiria-ini Muranga county.

We see a situation where Muranga county will have two governors and Kirinyaga left with none. her timing is wrong since she has also said she will be seeking a higher office and not defend her seat,” Kianyaga resident Benson Nyaga told Mpasho.

Mpasho has established renovations are underway at Waiguru’s home in the interior village of Kiamugumo which lack passable roads during the rainy seasons.

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In 2014 President Uhuru Kenyatta’s convoy got stuck on the road on his way to the homecoming ceremony of Waiguru who was then devolution CS at the time.

This prompted Uhuru to order for the carpeting of the road now famously named Waiguru Road though construction had stalled for the last two years and the government re-tendered and awarded to a Chinese construction firm.

Additional reporting: Geoffrey Kibisu