Harmonize has revealed that he suffered on the hands of some Kenyan promoters. Talking to Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru on Kiss Fm, the Tanzanian star narrated why he didn’t perform.


He said:

“I got on a plane from Tanzania to Kenya. I went to the streets to greet the fans and they received me so well. They were so excited.

At around 2 my manager told me that this promoters have gone contrary to the contract. We had agreed that the payment should be Ksh 1,500,000. Before I came I should have been paid three quarters of the money.

By that time, they had only paid 8,000. When we got to Nairobi, they hadn’t even paid the flight from Nairobi to Eldoret. That was at 10 PM they got us a Noah but we had agreed on a V8. At that time they hadn’t organized the flight and they told us it was supposed to be at 4:00PM.

At around 3:00PM they started organizing for sponsorship with a certain flight company and told me to take photos with the staff, this wasn’t in the contract.

We then headed to Eldoret. Its not about money, sometimes you have to be humble.

We were told that the money was in the car at the venue and the owner had already left with the key. That was about 2:30AM . The promoter came at 3:00AM. When my manager went to take the remaining cash, he was told that the one who had the car that had the money has left. I was like, this is a joke.

At the venue, people had already started going wild. I told my manager that people will think i was the one that had a problem.

I wanted to go to perform but because of security i didn’t. “

Harmonize is currently in the country for Coke Studio Africa 2019.

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