Things are taking a leap and they’re doing so fast, wedding bells may be shimmering on the horizon for Tanzanian singer Harmonize and actress girlfriend Frida Kajala.

The famed singer took to his Instagram to single out emcees to headline on his imminent wedding, picking out an array of people he’d consider on his big day.

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It’s been a blow by blow revelation for naysayers ever since the relationship went public a little over a month ago, and the two have been thick since.

This comes barely a week after the singer surprised Kajala with a new whip and promised to get her another on her birthday.

Legally, Harmonize is still married to estranged Italian wife Sarah Michelotti and will have to get a divorce to consummate with Kajala.

The divorce process has been protracted due to a legal row with Sarah demanding that she takes half of Harmonize’s wealth.

Harmonize’s relationship with Kajala continues to get all the fanfare and maybe, just maybe he will go down on one knee.

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