John De Mathew

The music industry has lost an icon John De Mathew. The legendary singer through his song talked about politics, corruption, challenges affecting the youth among other things.

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John De Mathew will be laid to his final place later today and his funeral is currently underways at Githambia Primary school in Gatanga.

Top leaders Peter Kenneth, David Murathe, Amina Mohammed and Sabina Chege once upon a time video vixen, who featured in John Demathew’s songs are at the funeral.

President Uhuru is also expected to attend the service.

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De Mathew’s brothers and sisters have eulogized him as a special person in their lives, lived life to the fullest and touched many people.

Friends, loved ones and family – It is an honor and privilege for us to pay tribute today to a very special person, our brother John Ng’ang’a Mwangi AKA John De Mathew. John was remarkable in so many ways. He lived his life to the fullest and touched so many people during his time here with us, as evident by so many of you here today. As we began to reach out for the right words to express our thoughts about our brother John, We remembered the many valued and meaningful roles that he played throughout his life.

First and foremost we see him as the family man. He loved his family profoundly. He was a devoted husband / son / father / uncle / brother and friend. Looking back, he was always a family man. John took all of the roles in his life to heart and he strove to honor, support, and guide and most importantly, protect his family. He was at his happiest when he was surrounded by his family – even during those inevitable tough times that life has a way of throwing at you. His devotion to his family was the foundation of his actions – the anchor that defined and shaped his life. As we turn the next page of John’s life, we see John – the friend. He was a good friend to so many! He could be counted on and depended on always. Whether you needed simple advice, an empathetic ear, a shoulder to lean on; if all you wanted was to chill and pass the time, – he was your man; ready, steadfast, willing and a man full of fun. As I look out at the faces in this beautiful congregation, I see many family members and friends and I know that you too will miss the friendship that John brought into your lives. I’m sure you all will remember him in your very own special way. Another page is turned and we see him as a respected citizen. He shared his music with anyone who would listen, he worked hard and consistently and he remained a student of life. My brother never stopped learning especially through his loving wife and children. He never sat back and became complacent. He led by example as he mentored his nephews and nieces and his own children in a way that anyone of them can say that he was an inspiration in their lives. What we find most memorable is the role that spirituality played.

Our brother John loved his God. We all knew him as a very private but loving man whose quiet faith guided his actions, words and deeds. He was a true Christian. He strove always to be the best he could be – family man, Musician, brother, friend and champion to others. John, brother, it is very hard to say goodbye so we will just say so-long. The pages of your book will never be closed, just as the pages of Mom and Dad’s pages are not closed either. We will remember you through your beautiful music and the many people still left behind whose lives you touched so positively. You have left an amazing legacy behind, your beautiful children and your Music. They are your legacy! Through them, you leave this world a better place than when you found it and for that, you have to be very proud.

The artiste died aged 52.

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