Julie gichuru and husband father's day

Its finally father’s day. Well, Kenyan celebrities have come out to pen deep and touching messages to the men that sired and grew them.

Here are some of the messages:

Kambua has revealed that she has frequently picked her phone to call her dad who was promoted to glory only to remember that he is no more. she wrote in an emotional message:

“*Father’s Day* I cannot tell you how many times in the last few years I’ve picked up my phone to call my dad, and then just as quickly remembered that he, one day started off on a journey, on a one-way ticket. I miss him. Terribly. Everyday. I am a daddy’s girl, unapologetically. He held my hand through decades of my life; I held his hand as the curtain closed on his.
Listen, if you have your Father, here, now, let him know what he means to you. If you need to make things right, please do. Or at least try.
Happy Father’s Day to all of you amazing dads out there working hard to ensure that your tribe is well taken care of. We see you. We appreciate you. 🖤 #2018 #Heiswithyou #mydaddyisinheaven #Fathersday”

Saumu Mbuvi, daughter to Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko wrote:

“Happy Father’s day to my beloved father.Love you so much”

Saumu Mbuvi father's day
Saumu Mbuvi and father Mike Sonko

Mercy Masika described her husband David Muguro as just amazing.

“Dave is the most responsible father. Not only have you been a father to our kids but also to me. Wisdom and love are your strength.
I know that it’s only by God a man can be this amazing. You are the real deal of a man. I pray that Fathers would be like you. Happy Fathers Day.”

Mercy masika father's day
Mercy Masika, her husband David and children

Avril wrote:

“Loads of beautiful messages on my timeline for our super dads .. a girl’s first love, a boy’s first hero. It takes a special someone to be called Dad so if you are or play that role 😊 I hope you are surrounded by the warmth of knowing how special you are 🤗🤗 .. Happy Father’s Day 🤗🤗 we love you, we appreciate you.”

Burale shared a photo of himself and his daughter, wrote a message to himself, the daughter and all the single dads.

“MAY my Shoulders be strong ENOUGH to always support you
As you stand on my shoulders May you see far
Sometimes when you feel my knees buckling …it’s not the Holy Spirit but the battles to stand strong for you
The Thorns pricking my feet as I try to stand Firm
When you hear me gasp for breath …it’s because the arrows directed at you are hitting my abdomen as I use my hands to lift you high “Dad why are your hands very hard and rough?” Well Fatherhood requires toil at times to make sure you sleep comfortable …Rough hands are my badge of honor .. May The Good Lord give me Long life to see you become Great in The Land ..Beyond Borders ..And to the Great Woman who gave birth to you .Thank you for raising a great daughter …God bless you
On This Father’s day …I pledge to continue doing Fatherhood as the Almighty Graces me .


Burale father's day
Pastor Burale and daughter

Show them love! Here’s where to take your father or husband on Father’s day

News anchor Victoria wrote this for her father Kwame Rubadiri:

“Thank you for being the example. Thank you for being unwavering. Thank you for being my covering. 🙏🏽 I love you Dad! Happy Father’s Day”

Victoria Rubadiri's dad
Victoria Rubadiri’s dad

Catherine Kamau aka Celina penned down a letter to her hubby for being the best dad to her son.

“Happy Father’s Day love , I could write a whole book here , but we would rather show you , you mean the world to Leon , you are God sent ! You are worlds greatest daddy ! But Are you ready for the next 4 though 👶 👶👶👶😅.. happy Father’s Day we love you.
Happy Father’s Day to all dads who stepped in and became the real super heros , I respect you 👊🏾”

phil father's day

DJ Moz, said this about his dad:

“Mr. Mathenge, my dad. You’ve been gone for 7yrs but you’re positive impact lives on. I stand on your shoulders. To all the great fathers out there, have a happy #fathersday”

DJ Moz's father
DJ Moz’s father

Comedian Njugush’s wife, Celestine Ndinda recently welcomed a son and thsi si what she wrote to the hubby:

“Happy Father’s day my 😍.
Boy boy is lucky to have you as his dad. Am extremely greatful to God for giving me such a husband. You are all I asked for. Thanks for the support.( since day one)
God bless you.”

Njugush father's day

Julie Gichuru’s hubby is celebrating a afther’s day and a birthday as well.

Julie wrote:

“Happy Birthday weekend & Happy Fathers Day Boo!

Thank you for being so amazing!
Thank you for being you!
We love you more than you could ever imagine 😘😘😘😍😍😍😋😋😋❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏 Happy Fathers Day to all the good men out there, fathers and father figures who are striving, nurturing, caring and guiding. May God bless you all abundantly!”

Julie gichuru and husband father's day