Daisy Nyongesa

Former nominated senator Daisy Nyongesa has raised eyebrows after calling her husband a “sperm donor”.

Daisy is in a polygamous marriage with Nabii Nabwera also a politician based in western. They are blessed with one child in August 2018.

Daisy NyongesaShe took to social media and wrote,

“Happy birthday my sperm donor. Happy birthday father to my children. In spite of the low moments we are in, I thank God for the children you have given me by birth and naturalization,” she wrote.

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Adding, “Ulete wote, wajuane, wazoeane, wagrow pamoja. Wakunyemelea, nyemeleeni tu! A good man must be shared. After all atarudi tu nyumbani (Introduce all your children born out wedlock and let them grow together. I have no problem with side chicks after all my husband will always come home),” she said.

Daisy Nyongesa

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