No one loves partying more than Kenyan women. Whether it’s partying at night or daytime attending a birthday party, bridal shower or just celebrating someone, no one can beat them.

But dear Kenyan women how do you dress when going to these parties especially those that happen during daytime? Do you dress in hot pants, miniskirts, rugged trousers or some outfits that leave you looking like a scarecrow or a Christmas tree?

Well, Citizen TV’s anchor Janet Mbugua who is also a fashion enthusiast has decided to teach her fellow women or rather mothers how to dress when going to a party.

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On her blog, Janet Mbugua posted photos looking glammed up which she referred to as ‘Mums Going To A Party’. Janet rocked a pair of white Pharrell Williams Adidas, maroon bodycon dress, yellow waterfall, a pair of sunglasses and a choker. She killed it! Her outfit tells more about her.

Check out the photos

Dear ladies, take note. Next time you go to a party, try out something like this, do not overdress or under-dress thinking that you will be awarded for the best dressed but end up being the laughing stock.

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Well, Janet Mbugua’s Pharrell Williams x Adidas cost $80 =Ksh 8,000 while the bag which is Auma large bag costs Ksh.18,000