Do you know the best way to respond to an ex who constantly has your name in her mouth? By winning. She is watching your life anyway so you might as well make it an exciting viewing. And Diamond Platnumz either knows this innately or has someone around him who has taught him about this truth.

Indeed, if you have anyone in your life constantly trying to talk smack about you or constantly trying to bury you, simply win. Doesn’t matter if you win the quiet way, minding your own or like Diamond who wins ostentatiously.

Diamond Platnumz recently released a new song, The One and just over 17 hours, it had already garnered a million views. Think about that for a second, while Zari is busy taking shots at Diamond and celebrating her rejuvenated love life, Diamond is celebrating actual wins!

And knowing that is is his fans who have carried him to yet another of his many wins, he thanked them profusely as he celebrated breaking his own record as the East African artiste whose videos have gotten to a million views in the shortest amount of time.

Now that is star power!

The song is a love song whose instrumentals have a decidedly South African lean.
It opens with him singing in English in what can only be described as a cringe-inducing American accent as he declares he knows his paramour’s love is true. And the video vixen looks a lot like Tanasha Donna so I have to admit that even I am convinced this jam was an ode to their love.
Check out the song below: