Our generation is doomed. From teenagers as young as 16 years engaging in robbery with violence to smoking weed in public and provoking the police to arrest them, we really need someone to mentor these youth.

But where are parents when their children are engaging in all these? Is someone sleeping on their job and then later blame the government? Is it due to the lack of father public figure in their lives?

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Well, as police continue to gun down thugs who are terrorising city residents, there are some youth who are still engaging in illicit activities. A young Kenyan woman by the name Laventa Madi has left social media followers in shock after she revealed that she is a drug peddler.

Weed seller

The lady who is not afraid of posting photos of weed and others of herself smoking the illegal herb, she even encourages customers to contact her.

The lass also posted photos of her friend smoking and praises her for being a ‘true woman”

“#nakupesh mtasiz #famere sacco #apana tambua bombo clat!!!!!!!!,” she wrote accompanied by this pic

Weed smoker

Weed business seems to be profitable and easy for drug peddlers to sell. A man by the name Jackson Wachira posted photos flaunting weed cakes on Facebook and this means that someone is sleeping on their job.

This ignited various reactions among Facebook users who lashed out at drug peddlers calling upon the police to take action.

Do you think weed should be legalized in Kenya?