I love this guy!

Wait, is he one cop or are there different police officers who have assumed the identity of the original cop? Answers to questions we will definitely be trying to answer soon. But what we do know is that Hessy wa Kayole has alot of grassroot support from the residents of the areas he haunts.

Huyu Aliwaste Urembo! Meet Kenya’s SEXIEST Armed Gangster

The tale is told of a female gangsta by the name Clare (Cleah) who was a mule for her boyfriend/husband, carrying and ferrying his weapon around and sometimes participating in his robbing sprees.

While it is still unclear whether or not he (the husband only identified by his street name, Mwani) has also been got or not but what we do know is that Clare is now a distant memory -something akin to a bad smell.

Sikutambui! Hot Dandora Woman Tells Off Kayole’s Most Fierce Cop And Dares Him To Arrest Her

Hessy trailed her and dealt with her as only he knows how to. Here are photos of the deceased and she was quite a looker:

Cleah the ob

Cleah: Mwani’s wife was eliminated yesterday morning, sura ikachafuliwa kuchafuliwa: thats a great achievement coz she refused to reform na akaendelea kubebea mzee wake bunduki !!!

Cleah the ob1

When the story was firstv reported to us, this is what the eye witness had to say:

That chic was a robber in Kayole
She was shot yesterday by one ‘Hessy wa Kayole’
Looking at her pictures you wouldn’t even think she was onee
She’s left behind a son????
Her hubby is a member of Gaza gang
She was a member of the gang too I guess


Alitambua mascara na make-up sio bulletproof!

The Facebook comments give a clearer picture of just how dangerous this female was -inspite of all her sex appeal:

Ramsey Mohd Mwingisi btw hessy i ndo way forward cz ka hao ndo hubeba gun znazotuumiza waangushwe t discourage wengine wanaofuga wezi

Sina Mambo
Sina Mambo Was the gun legal or illegal?wacha asonge ,alipewa warning akakata kuskia.
Ni Tonnie Mpenda Amani
Ni Tonnie Mpenda Amani Jinga ya mwanamke apotelee mbali kabisa
Faith Mwai
Faith Mwai Weka pic ya maiti
William Shimaka
William Shimaka enda bebea shetani bunduki na mikuki..nkt!! Rest is pieces