Kiss FM breakfast radio presenter Adelle Onyango has been one of the greatest inspirations to the Kenyan youth, for her remarkable personality, youth empowerment projects and more so, for her social media skills.

Adelle Onyango has a successful radio career, being the youngest media personality hosting a breakfast show, which is mostly run by long-serving radio presenters  or big wigs in the media industry.

The No Means No founder is not only known for her talent and knowledge of social affairs but also for her stunning looks and beauty, with a hot, petite figure and legs for days.

Adelle Onyango

Despite her fame and ambassadorial deals, Adelle Onyango has had a tough past after going through a couple of devastating events, but has out on a brave face and turned out to be strong, spirited and strong-minded.

The most painful part of Adelle Onyango’s life when she lost her mother Mary Onyango after a long battle with breast cancer.

Too Heart-wrenching: Adelle Onyango Talks About The Pain Of Losing Her Mother To Cancer

Her mother, who was also a public figure, kept a positive attitude and high spirits even after she was diagnosed with cancer, until her last breath in 2012. This was a heart-breaking time for the bubbly radio host.


Adelle Onyango is also a rape survivor and the harrowing experience, which happened back in 2008, made her depressed and traumatized but over the years. However, the elegant lass has been able to get over the pain of that dreadful night and has been able to move on.

Well, apart from work, Adelle Onyango prefers keeping her private and love life off the spotlight. She only teases her followers and fans with snippets of her lover once in a while on social media.

Aaaaw! Check Out What Adelle Onyango’s Boyfriend Did For Her This Valentines

The sassy radio host is actually in a happy relationship despite breaking up with her ex-fiance 2 years ago, but the man in her life remains a mystery to her fans.


Well, the lovely couple decided to take some time off to relax outside Nairobi , and while at it, Adelle decided to torture team Mafisi with some hot bikini photos during her ‘vacay’ with her better half.

The elegant lass showed off her figure alongside a pool and in another photo, she puts on a tights, flaunting her abs and slim waistline. Check out the alluring photos of Adelle rocking a bikini below;