Prezzo And Michelle Yola
Prezzo And Michelle Yola. photo credit:file

Afew months back, Prezzo and Michelle Yola went and tattooed each other’s names on their bodies (always a bad move but simps will do what simps do) and now it would seem better judgement has finally set in and she wants to either remove the tattoo or do a cover up.

Michelle Yola recently went to a tattoo artist to have the tattoo removed but he advised against it and rather asked her to consider getting a cover up. She acquiesced and they finally got the do done! My question however is what did Prezzo feel about the entire affair?

I mean, it clearly meant alot to him given when they were having their domestics and she said he has a small okufuaf, he brought up the fact that whatever the size of his member, it was well utilized enough for her to get a tattoo of his name on her.

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Here the video of Michelle Yola removing the tattoo is: