Ringtone vs Stivo

Gospel artiste Ringtone Apoko has said being a handsome man like him, is a very difficult job adding that he sometimes admires himself.

Here is the post – that we edited to avoid embarrassing ourselves. Ringtone pointed out,

Sometimes i admire myself for chosing God to be my lord and saviour.

Me is too blessed with everything. Being the most handsome singer in #kenya is not easy but his grace is sufficient.👏👏👏👏👏


Kenyans have however told him that everyone is beautiful, handsome given that we are created in God’s image.

Ringtone has in the past been trolled for his broken English something he is not ashamed of.

Celebs who have been mercilessly body-shamed over their weight

Below are the hilarious response comments.

Kevin Mayor: We is aware and you admire because you are blessed and handsome singer #claim your school fees.

Wacera Wa Gk: @ Sir, because you are so handsome and blessed, we (you and I) can take these beautiful qualities higher by you employing me to be your Facebook editor. ( Note; I’m not wishing to run your page but to edit everything before you post on Facebook) please come to my inbox blessed man of God.

Sam Kotsi: Me like you just feel happy that you are happy also. So we and you are together happy for God’s do such things😂😂

Kemunto Oguye: My classmate God has blessed you imagine you were educated upto class six but you are rich & handsome thank God but enroll yourself in the nearest primary school to know how to write but talking unakuwanga sawa

New Lucy: Me is also sawed that you is most handsome singer, even the Bahatis and Willy possessed can’t reach you, you is good songer because when teacher was taughting English you was admiring your handsomeness.

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