Fena Gitu is without a doubt one of the baddest rappers we have in the country. She gave you Sema Ngw’e, a unique song that saw her cross the borders. She then came in with the collabo Kama Kawaida….and now she has done it again.

This Fenamenal woman is out with yet another single dubbed Doing Her Thing Tho. The song which describes a typical classy Kenyan lass, has seen her catch the Internet by storm.


Unique Or Nah??? You Will Leave Your IRRITATING Girlfriend For Fena Gitu, This Is Why

Huddah Monroe, Edith Kimani, Victoria Kimani and Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o are among the people that Fena has acknowledged as those lasses who ‘do their thing’

She goes on to big up all the lasses who believe they are queens.

Here is the much anticipated video;